Trent Hosick, Staley High School, Kansas City, MO


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Football, Wrestling


Academic Honors

  • Student of the Year
    Principals Honor Role
    1st Team All-State Academic Athlete


Athletic Achievements


  • Most Passing TD's Game - 6
    Most Passing YD's Game - 273
    Most Rushing TD's Season - 31
    Most Rushing YD's QB Season - 2094 (District/State Record as Well)
    Most Rushing TD's QB in State Championship Game - 4



  • All-State 2009, 2010
    Only Undefeated State Champion in School History



  • "When I decided to make football a large part of my life, it wasn't for the typical reasons of the possible glory and fame of becoming a pro. It was because of the platform of influence it gave to lead those around me."